May 10, 2012

Obama can fuck off

So, Obama has officially come out in favour of same sex marriage. This is news. This is international news.

Some people are celebrating and, well, why not? After all, the president's endorsement might well move America closer to the total legalisation of same-sex marriage.

But I say this is bullshit. This is an embarrassing demonstration of just how slow the western world - and particularly America - has become. The fact that the supposed "leader of the free world" has to bother spelling out a matter of rights so simple that a 5 year old can grasp it is a very sorry state of affairs indeed. What the hell is going on? The man is four years into his term of office and people have been fighting for these basic rights the entire time. They just TOOK AWAY gay rights in North Carolina, yesterday. This Obama endorsement reminds me of the kind of humble, mumbling apology someone gives after days of cajoling by angry family members.

Well, I say it's too fucking late. He's had plenty of chances. His words are empty and useless. If he's had said, "of course everyone should have equal marriage rights, what kind of stupid question is that" on DAY ONE then that would be fine. But, Jesus, he might as well be endorsing gravity or letting women drive for all the slow-hand-clapping he deserves.

Does America realise that everyone else laughs at them? Do they realise that their refusal to accept basic science makes them the butt of jokes? That the fact that they continually vote AGAINST free healthcare makes us facepalm? We used to think they were leading the way, but now we just sell you shit and use your software.

Get your shit together for FSM's sake

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  1. YES. Yes. I love you. The gravity line is so simply perfect it had me almost doing a fistpump. And thank fuck another person exists who mocks America for not wanting universal healthcare!


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