December 28, 2011

Second Christmas in Many Media

Second Christmas is the highlight of the festive season. I have been close friends with much the same people for over ten years and every year between Christmas Day and New Year's we get together for our own Second Christmas, cooking up a huge roast, playing games and swapping Secret Santa gifts. There are also a ridiculous amount of empty Port bottles by the end of the evening.

This year, I documented the occasion in six different media:

1) Photography

2) Drawing

This is about as accurate as it gets
3) Mime

4) Poetry

Twas two days after Christmas,
And all through the Castle,
There were nibbed for all,
And Joe ate them, the rascal.

Mulled wine on the hob,
And far more Port than sense,
We were pissed before turkey,
The sprouts were immense.

As we sat down to dinner,
And pulled all our crackers,
'Thank you, dear chefs!'
Came the cry from the slackers.

We all gathered round,
For presents from "Santa",
The secrets came out,
In the midst of the banter.

In the dark early morning,
We said our farewells,
But we'll be back next year,
To jingle those bells.

(S. Taylor, C. Jayasinghe, G. Robinson, B. Jones, et al)

5) Song
The Second Christmas Song - Luke Alexander, Stuart Taylor, Ben Jones

6) The Movie

(Make it HD and fullscreen that bad boy)

Second Christmas 2011 from Stuart Taylor on Vimeo.

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